LEE Cutler admits it is “massively surreal” to be fighting in front of a bumper crowd at Vitality Stadium this weekend, adding: “I’m willing to risk it all.”

Bournemouth’s Cutler is part of the main undercard in one of the toughest fights to call of the night, as he takes on unbeaten Stanley Stannard.

Leicestershire’s Stannard (10-0) has dropped weight to match Cutler (12-1) and compete in an English super-welterweight eliminator.

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Looking ahead to the contest, Cutler said: “It’s massively surreal.

“I’m absolutely buzzing for it. What a place to do it. The sun has come out again, what more can you ask for?

“I’m very confident. Obviously Stannard has not been in there with anyone.

“That’s not to say he isn’t any good, he just hasn’t been tested.

“He might be a superstar, he might not. But I’m willing to risk it all.

“I’ll fight anyone, at the drop of a hat. I’ve proved that before by moving up in weight, I don’t care.

“I get to do it in front of my home fans. You can say that’s pressure, but do you know what pressure does?

“It makes diamonds and on Saturday night that’s what it does, makes diamonds.”