SECURITY had to step in after tempers flared between Mace Ruegg and his opponent Dean Dodge at this afternoon’s press conference.

Unbeaten home fighter Ruegg (8-0), trained in Christchurch, is set to face Yeovil’s Dodge (9-3-1) in a super featherweight bout as part of the undercard at Vitality Stadium on Saturday.

During the press conference, Ruegg, 23, took issue with Dodge repeatedly labelling him an “angry little man” when discussing previous sparring sessions between the pair.

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When the talking was done, both boxers went head-to-head for face-off photographs, where Ruegg shoved Dodge in the chest before security staff intervened.

Speaking in the press conference about the upcoming fight, Ruegg said: “Honestly, it’s a massive honour just to be here. Just to display my skills on Saturday night is going to feel amazing.

“I’ve had over 250 fights in all sorts of combat sport and I’ve been doing this a long time. It’s nice now that everything is starting to pay off.

“I’m flamboyant and I’m different. People haven’t seen what I’ve got in the toolbox, so I can’t wait for Saturday night to display what else I’ve got.

“Let the best man win.”

Dodge responded: “He has got the flair. I sparred him years ago and he hasn’t really changed.

“He’s still going to be the same lad, he’s a very, very angry little man and that’s what he is.”

Ruegg hit back after Dodge went on to claim his camp had turned down an eight-round contest, with the two instead set to battle it out over six rounds.

“We can do the eight rounds if you want to do the eight rounds,” said Ruegg.

“I don’t care. Have it 10 rounds, I’m not bothered. I’ll have whatever you want to have, I’ll have it in the car park if you want it. I don’t care.

“Where do you get this ‘angry little man’ from? I’m just confident in my boxing ability and I’ve got a passion for this, it’s not being angry, is it?”