AHEAD of the biggest night of his career at Vitality Stadium later this month, Chris Billam-Smith has teamed up with the Daily Echo to give fans an insight into his preparations.

The lifelong Cherries fan, who grew up on the south coast, is set to face Lawrence Okolie for the WBO cruiserweight title on Saturday, May 27.

Bournemouth authorities this week granted permission for the capacity at Vitality Stadium to be extended to 15,000 for the fight.

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Here is the latest entry from Chris.

Slowly ticking things off the bucket list.

Soccer AM last Saturday, which I hope you all tuned in and watched me slot home my one-on-one in my Cherries shirt. I followed it up with Dom's archer celebration.

It was a great morning experiencing something I've always thought would be a really cool thing to do. Also, nobody from McGuigan’s Gym had scored before, so I had to set the record straight.

Lots of different media is involved in the build-up to headlining fights, so on Sunday we had Sky Sports News down filming something a bit different, which included playing guitar on stage at the BIC Windsor Hall, where I boxed twice last year.

Thankfully, only three gentlemen from Sky Sports, Mia (my wife), and Frank (my son) had to endure my terrible singing. So when you see it, you've been warned about the singing!

Final few weeks of camp are always the toughest, both physically and mentally. The spars are the hardest, the weight gets lower and lower, the excitement of fight night being so close.

Having said that, I’m feeling in an amazing place. A couple of 12 round spars sandwiched a Wednesday circuit (the hardest session of the week).

This week, we were joined by my former stablemate and former super middleweight world champion George Groves. He completed the circuit with us and came to see how things are going in camp, which was great.

All in all, another very fun, exciting, productive week banked. Ready to do business very soon.

As the CBS mantra goes... Consistency Builds Success.