A Naturist Foundation member has bared all live on Good Morning Britain (GMB) today as she discussed the topic of naked sunbathing. 

Helen Berriman, from the Naturist Foundation, appeared on GMB discussing with Ed Balls and Charlotte Hawkins whether naked sunbathing should be made illegal. 

This followed the City of London Corporation receiving a dozen complaints over naked sunbathing recently. 

Ms Barriman argued: "There's things that are going on in the world at the moment, are we really that bothered about a nude body sunbathing in the corner of a park?"

Another guest on GMB said he found naked sunbathing in public offensive.

He added: "The only bush I want to see when I'm having a sandwich is a green one with birds in it, that's the only thing I want to see. 

"I have issues with it (naked sunbathing), I think it's a very selfish thing."

To which Ms Barriman countered: "But how is it offensive? It's just a body, you've got one."

"ITV has lost the plot and their audience" - public question need for woman to strip off on GMB

The public has taken to social media to share their thoughts on the naked sunbathing debate with divided opinions.

One person, responding to GMB on Twitter, said: "I have no issue with nudity, I do have an issue with nudity in public places and the risk it poses to the vulnerable. Children should not be given the message that everyone gets naked anywhere!"

Another said: "I don't think it's offensive people get confused it can be a bit embarrassing to someone people not offensive."

A third person added: "No thanks. Kids don’t need to see it."

While someone else said: "There’s is a law against being naked in public it’s called indecent exposure."

While others just questioned whether it was necessary for Ms Barriman to be naked on GMB.

One person said: "Why is she naked in a studio? I’ve seen it all now."

While another added: "To be fair, I don't think there's any need for her to be sat there with her clays off for this debate."

A third said: "ITV has lost the plot and their audience…"