Broadcaster Narinder Kaur has called for a new English flag claiming the current one is "outdated" and represents "negativity" and "racists".

The former Big Brother contestant appeared on Good Morning Britain today (April 25) and was involved in a heated debate with former The Apprentice contestant Thomas Skinner and GMB presenters on the topic: 'Are we ashamed to be English?'.

The topic arose following Skinner receiving messages over the weekend asking him to pull a social media post celebrating St George's Day, which was on Sunday. 

In a tweet, he said: "Just find it mental that I’ve already received a DM saying “You should take down the post about St George as it’s not a good look for you!”

"When did it become so bad to be proud of where your from? I’m proud I’m English."

"Lets get a new flag" says Narinder Kaur on GMB

Kaur took issue with the Engish flag and what it represents saying on GMB it "wasn't inclusive". 

She said: "Let's get a new flag because that one is outdated.

"It represents far too much negativity in this country, I think we need a new day."

Kaur added: "St George is actually a representation of multiculturalism, and he's a representation of tolerance, we should be more of a tolerant country. 

"We are not that these days."

She went on to say she would not be celebrating the King's Coronation next month.

Following the interview on GMB, Kaur took to Twitter to confirm her position. 

She added: "If a flag is SADLY aligned with far right racists then I'm sorry it does NOT represent the best of Britain.

"We are better than that. We are multi cultural, we are tolerant and that flag represents something sinister I'm sorry to say. moderate voices need to reclaim it."

Viewers 'switch off' GMB over on-air row

GMB viewers took to turning their televisions off this morning over the row between Skinner and Kaur.

Fans took to social media to share their frustration with the heated debate.

One person, on Twitter, said: "Awful to listen to I switched it off it was listening to pierce Morgan again too shouty shouty in the morning for me !! I’m very proud to be British."

Another person said: "Let’s be honest, this was less of a discussion and more of “Let’s let Narinder scream at people about why they’re bad people.”

While another Twitter user said: "Why invite two guests when one appears to forget they have a microphone and proceeds to shout through the whole piece. A complete waste of time if both points of view are not given fair hearing."

While a fourth person added: "Extremely proud to be English and of our beautiful flag and the fact we don’t have extremely strict rules like many other countries and are inclusive. I hope it hasn’t come to a point where many don’t put up our flag out of fear of being offensive. That would be a very sad day."