With the weather getting hotter as summer approaches you might be thinking your nights of deep sleep are over. 

Because although we all love summer and all the lovely weather it brings, there's nothing worse than when you can't get comfortable and it's just too hot and sweaty.

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Well, now you can rest easy as experts have revealed the top five tips to make sure you can stay cool in the heat

Bournemouth Echo: How to sleep well in the heat (Canva)How to sleep well in the heat (Canva)

How to sleep well in the heat:

1. Limit the amount of light entering your home

Blinds and curtains aren’t just used for keeping the light out as they can also be used to control the temperature in your home.

As Product Manager at 247 Blinds and 247 Curtains, Helen O'Connor says: "To begin with, consider factors such as which direction your window faces. For example, a south-facing room will benefit from thicker, thermal materials to help keep it cool."

2. Choose the right mattress

Waking up in the middle of a hot night can be very disruptive to your sleeping patterns with many not realising how much our mattress choice can impact our body's temperature overnight. 

With Jonathan Warren, director at mattress specialist Time4Sleep saying: "There are a number of mattress options available that can help you to regulate your body’s temperature.

"Generally speaking, a mattress with a high content of natural fillings such as wool, cotton or bamboo is often a great choice for those suffering to sleep in the heat as they tend to be cooler as well as being naturally hypoallergenic."

3. Get your window treatment right

You might be tempted to crack the window open overnight when you are too hot but this isn't always the smartest option. 

Deciding whether to keep our windows closed or to open them slightly involves considering the direction the sun is facing.

Meaning that north-facing and south-facing windows need different treatment when it comes to cooling down our rooms. 

Bournemouth Echo: How to sleep well in the heat (Canva)How to sleep well in the heat (Canva)

4. Use a hot water bottle to cool down your bed

This tip might surprise you with the director at mattress specialist Time4Sleep Jonathan Warren saying: "Believe it or not,  your hot water bottle can be used as an easy way to cool down your bed before sleep.

"Despite the name, simply fill your hot bottle as normal and leave it in the freezer for a few hours before bedtime to transform into a nifty ice pack."

5. Make sure to switch the sheets

It's time to swap your winter sheets for the summer alternatives with natural materials. 

This will mean you can freshen up your bedroom as lighter and more breathable sheets can help avoid feeling stuffy and sweaty during sleep. 

Head of Design at Christy England Lucy Ackroyd said: "Pure cotton sheets have sensory benefits and, being naturally breathable, help to regulate your temperature and moisture levels while you sleep, preventing the dreaded clammy feeling you can experience with synthetic fibres."