DORSET weather enthusiasts have called national reports of a heatwave "nonsense".

The Met Office has also said temperatures are likely to be normal over the next couple of weeks - not soaring to a scorching 28C as described by some outlets.

Speaking to the Daily Echo, weather account Bournemouth and Poole Weather said: “I’m afraid it’s a bunch of nonsense at this stage.

“As usual any claim of a certain type of weather more than two weeks away needs to be treated with extreme caution.

“All I can say is the next week or so looks pretty nice, plenty of dry, fine weather around with temperatures of 12-15C although a keen breeze could make it feel a little chillier at times.”

The Met Office said that from Tuesday March 22 to Thursday 31 March, the weather would start dry for most, with showery outbreaks in the north and northeast, clearing early on.

The report said: “There is likely to be variable cloud cover, most extensive in the south with the chance of some patchy light rain.

“Temperatures likely to be around normal, after a cold start. For the rest of the period most areas set to become mostly dry and settled, especially across the south of the UK, where overnight fog and frost is possible.

“Any showers or more prolonged spells of rain are most likely to affect the far north and northwest, where winds are likely to be stronger too.

“Winds in the south are expected to be generally light. Temperatures will then most likely be close to, or slightly above, the long-term average.”

Today, Friday, temperatures could reach 14C with sunshine all day, with the weekend looking sunny but mild.