Boris Johnson ended a fiery interview with Good Morning Britain presenter Susanna Reid by disrespecting her colleague on Tuesday morning.

The Prime Minister ended his GMB boycott with an interview from no.10 although was left red faced when Susanna ended the interview by saying: "Lorraine is waiting to take up all the issues..."

Mr Johnson asked: “Who’s Lorraine?” as a shocked Susanna replied: "Who's Lorraine? Lorraine is a legend!"

The PM said: "Well, fantastic, I look forward to speaking with Lorraine..."

Boris Johnson admits ‘there is more we can do’ amid cost of living crisis

It ended a fiery exchange between the pair in which the Prime Minister replied to suggestions that he was a liar.

He said:  "If you are talking about the statements I've made in the House of Commons, I was inadvertently... I was wrong and I've apologised for that."

He added:  "This country is in an insane position taking electricity from France and elsewhere because we haven't done enough to invest in our own security of supply."

On the council tax rebate, Susanna said: "But £150 doesn't touch the sides, and isn't available for everybody. You're not doing everything you can".

In response, Boris Johnson admitted: "There is more that we can do but the crucial thing is to make sure we deal with the crisis over the medium and long term."

Susanna said: "So you're not being honest, you're not doing everything you can".

The Prime Minister replied: "We're doing a huge amount".