Boris Johnson has finally spoken out on allegations a that a Tory MP watched pornography in the Commons chamber.

The Prime Minister described the allegations as “totally unacceptable” as senior ministers hit out at Westminster’s “shameful” culture.

Parliament’s Independent Complaints and Grievance Scheme (ICGS), which investigates allegations of harassment and sexual misconduct, will be examining the accusations against an unnamed Conservative MP.

Attorney General Suella Braverman said if the subject of the complaint was found to have been watching adult material it should result in them “no longer holding their privileged position as a Member of Parliament”.

Boris Johnson speaks on pornography in Commons accusations

During a visit to Burnley, the Prime Minister told broadcasters: “I think it’s obviously unacceptable for anybody to be doing that kind of thing in the workplace.

“It would be the same for any kind of job up and down the country, let’s be absolutely clear about that.

“What needs to happen now is that the proper procedures need to be gone through, the independent complaints and grievances procedure needs to be activated and we need to get to understand the facts but, yeah, that kind of behaviour is clearly totally unacceptable.”

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer calls on Tories to ‘act now’

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer said there was action the Tories could take now, rather than wait for the complaints process to conclude.

“This is an unusual case because the Tory party knows who this individual is,” he said.

“I think that they should deal with it and deal with it sooner rather than later and take appropriate action.

“So, nothing wrong with the independent process, but I think the Tory party, they know who this is, they should take action now.”

The claims about pornography followed reports that 56 MPs, including three Cabinet ministers, are facing allegations of sexual misconduct referred to the ICGS.

They also follow outrage over The Mail On Sunday publishing “sexist” and disputed claims from unnamed Tory MPs that deputy Labour leader Angela Rayner tried to distract Mr Johnson with her legs during Prime Minister’s Questions.