I AM urging you today to give to the "forgotten" members of society.

I am not talking about the poor pensioners who have to choose between heating or eating.

I am not talking about young people who are struggling to get a foot on the housing ladder.

And I'm also not talking about middle-aged couples who have to deal with ageing parents and grown up children living at home.

I am of course, talking about the rich. Yes, the very people who make society.

I can already hear you scoffing at such a suggestion.

But think carefully, when was the last time you actually considered how the rich have truly suffered over the last 10 years?

Alarmingly, for many, it's probably the first time you've contemplated it. And that just shows where we are.

I am told there are people out there who would rather cross the street than be seen on the same pavement as a rich person. That's unbelievable, isn't it?

If we're honest, I think we all know someone who has had to ditch ideas of buying a fourth yacht because times are tough.

Or a person who has looked in his offshore account and reluctantly said no to a fifth holiday home.

Or worse, someone who has been reduced to driving a Maserati.

And horrors upon horrors, can there be anything as degrading as not being able to afford a Chateau Lafite with your five-course meal at an exclusive restaurant. I think not.

Or leaving a top nightclub after 12 hours drinking to realise you can't afford the exorbitant fees for the best rehab clinic money can buy.

And what about the indignity of being reduced to food shopping at Waitrose and Marks and Spencer. I rest my case.

No, the rich are having it tough. And not surprisingly, some unthinking people with extreme views really aren't helping.

There has been a distinct rise of late in 'cashism'.

That's people mocking those with extraordinary wealth on social media.

This has to stop and we need to root out the 'cashists'.

'Cashophobia' is discrimination, pure and simple.

Soon the rich will hit back and where will that get us?

They could set up a group under the hashtag #keep wealthy, taking 'welfies' of themselves.

Or more radically, we could end up with WILFS - 'I'm wealthy, and it's like fantastic'.

We might even find attempts to ban such 'derogatory' phrases as 'that's a bit rich' and 'filthy rich'.

But if we help the rich, then none of this should happen.

We could heal the division splitting our society and work to bring together all factions.

One way of showing unity would be for you to invest in a tax avoidance scheme and show that you care. Just think where we would be if no-one paid their taxes. Wouldn't the world be a wealthier, healthier place?

We are at that time of year with Christmas approaching, when we should all think of what this really means and give aid to others in their hour of need.

So as you struggle with your rent or mortgage payments and max out for gifts on your credit card and then wonder if you can still afford a Christmas meal, you should really be thinking of the rich dining on a 10-course meal and realise how lucky you are.

It's time we helped people than can look after themselves.

So I would like to end by suggesting you give what you can to a rich person who you might see if you flag down a chauffeur-driven limousine and truly empathise with their plight this yuletide. But obviously a donation of less than £100 would be insulting.

By the way, I've just read all this on the internet. It can't be 'fake news', can it?