A JAZZ musician who sent a CD to film legend Woody Allen was astonished years later when the director picked it for inclusion in his latest film.

Midnight in Paris, released in Britain today, is one of his most successful ever – and the jazz music of Dorset-born Peter Williams is on the soundtrack.

Peter, originally from Verwood, recorded the track Seul Ce Soir in 2008 after moving to Copenhagen and setting up a quartet called Signor Jazz.

“I recorded what was meant to be a demo and was trying to get more concert work,” he recalled. “I decided what we’d got was so charming that it should be a CD so I persuaded the other guys we should do that, but about a month after the CD came out, they decided to go their separate ways and I was left with a basement full of CDs and nothing much to do with them.”

He knew Cynthia Sayer, banjo player in Woody Allen’s own jazz band, which gave him the idea of sending a disc to the Oscar-winning writer-director.

“I just sent it off to him, not thinking he’d use it, just thinking it would be nice if he would listen to it,” he said.

“Two years afterwards, I came back from dinner with some friends and there was an email saying Mr Allen would like to use it for a film he’s just finished. It took a while to realise that must be Woody Allen.

“Every musician dreams of having their music in a big film but I can’t think – with the possible exception of Clint Eastwood – I could imagine a director that would be more flattering to have shown an interest.”

The track, from Signor Jazz’s CD Swing 41, could also end up on a Sony release of the Midnight in Paris soundtrack.

Bassist Peter – who went to Queen Elizabeth School in Wimborne – is currently promoting a CD of his own compositions called About Time, and will be brushing up on Seul Ce Soir ready to play it in concert.

“I haven’t played it since we recorded it in 2008 but I do expect to put another band together playing that style of music and try to take advantage of that publicity,” he says.

Midnight in Paris, which features Owen Wilson, Kathy Bates, Carla Bruni and Michael Sheen, is the first Woody Allen film in years to reach the multiplexes and has charmed the critics.

Peter said: “It’s a lovely film. It’s gentle. It’s not ground-breaking cinema but it is a very loveable film and I’m not surprised it’s having such great success.”

l Details of Peter’s music at peterwilliams.dk