A CONTROVERSIAL horror film that includes scenes of paedophilia and rape can be shown in Bournemouth if it gains an 18 certificate – despite one councillor labelling it “disgusting and vile.”

The town’s licensing committee agreed they would not ban A Serbian Film from the forthcoming British Horror Film Festival at the Pier Theatre if it was classified by the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC).

But the BBFC will not issue the film with a certificate unless almost four minutes of footage is cut from it first – something the distributor has not yet done.

The film is about a porn star coerced into taking part in acts including necrophilia and child rape. Its director has called it a “diary of our own molestation by the Serbian government”.

But Cllr David Kelsey, vice-chair of the licensing board, said he would still be uncomfortable with the film being shown, even after the cuts.

“I downloaded it last night and I would not recommend it to a member of my family,” he told the meeting.

“It’s the most disgusting, vile thing I’ve ever sat down and watched. It was absolutely unbelievable.

“I think cutting five minutes from it would not be enough. Even that would leave a lot of scenes that I would not want to see in a public cinema.

“I just find it amazing what people can actually get away with in the cause of art nowadays – to me that’s just not art.”

Chairman of the board Cllr Andrew Morgan suggested they write to Pier Theatre manager Ian Goode to inform him councillors would not be happy with the unclassified version of the film being shown.

He also recommended the council take Mr Goode up on his offer to vary the Pier Theatre’s licence to specifically prevent unclassified films from being shown there.

“We’re not stepping into the shoes of the BBFC, if they want to show a classified film it’s not our role to stop it,” he said.

Stuart Brennan, director of the British Horror Film Festival, said it was up to the film company and distribution company to decide whether they wanted to make the cuts required to gain an 18 certificate.

“If there is a copy of the film that we can show by the time the festival goes ahead then we will show the cut version,” he said.

But he questioned Cllr Kelsey’s assertion that the film was disgusting and vile.

“There is not an official version online,” he said.

“I’m gobsmacked that he has downloaded an illegal copy and watched it.”