YOU might think some of the tricks the dog gets up to in the film Marley and Me a bit far-fetched.

But Bailey the retriever has gone one better than the permanently hungry, neurotic dog of the hit film.

The seven-year-old from Creekmoor was admitted to Hillside Veterinary Centre in Corfe Mullen for treatment to what vets feared was a tumour in his stomach.

But when vets opened him up they discovered five golf gloves, 10 socks, one pull-up stocking and a piece of towel.

Vet Keith Moore believes that Bailey must have been munching on the garments for months or years, gradually accumulating them in his stomach.

Keith said: “It is amazing that he was not more unwell or sick but was still eating his food. This huge mass in his abdomen was picked up on a routine check-up for his epilepsy.

“Vets obviously do a fair number of foreign object removals but I doubt I will ever see anything like this again in my career.

“Even for us, from a vet’s point of view, it was pretty amazing.

“It was like doing a magic trick. We were just pulling out one sock after another,” he joked.

Owner Nicola Perrett, a mum-of- two from Bullfinch Close, said: “The vet phoned me at work to say that he thought Bailey had a tumour.

“I was absolutely devastated and spent all morning crying at work.

“Later I got a call saying they had found socks, gloves and a stocking.

“I was so relieved although I knew it was still touch and go.”

Bailey has now had his stitches out and has made a full recovery.

Nicola said she never noticed Bailey taking the items.

“The only one I knew was missing was a glove. He had got quite a bit quieter but we put that down to him getting older.

“Now he’s back to being like a puppy again.

“He is a really mad dog – full of beans and always up to mischief.

“I’m going to rename him Marley. He’s the Marley of Creekmoor.”