Former Bournemouth resident Millie Bobby Brown has confused fans after shifting from her usual British accent they were used to hearing in a new interview.

The Stranger Things actor appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and viewers noticed her accent was more American than usual.

Brown, 20, moved over to Florida when she was eight, after having lived in Bournemouth for a few years prior, but her British accent has stuck with her over the years.

The more hybrid version of her accent surprised a few people, with one person posting on X (formerly known as Twitter): "millie bobby brown developing an american accent was not on my bingo cards for 2024."

Another wrote: "millie bobby brown losing her southern english accent makes me sad DONT BECOME AMERICAN."

Some people thought the hybrid accent wasn't natural with one person sharing: "millie bobby brown is far too old to have suddenly picked up an american accent, 100% it’s put on."

In interviews promoting her new Netflix film Damsel, Brown has far more of a British accent than she does in the Jimmy Fallon interview, which may add to the confusion from some fans over what her natural accent actually is.

Millie Bobby Brown's childhood in Bournemouth

Millie is believed to have lived in the Winton area when she was younger and attended primary school in the area before her family moved to Florida when she was eight.

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She was born in Spain and was raised by her parents Robert, a former estate agent, and her mother Kelly.

Millie has an older sister, Paige, and a brother, Charlie.

As well as starring in Stranger Things, Millie has also appeared as the title character of Enola Holmes in two Netflix films and has featured in two MonsterVerse films in Godzilla: King of Monsters and Godzilla vs Kong.