FILM fans had a frightfully good time at an inaugural horror film festival.

Screams by the Sea saw fans come from far and wide for a day of horror movies, talks, Q and As and demonstrations at Pavilion Dance South West in Bournemouth on Saturday, February 10.

The festival is the brainchild of Radi Nikolov, a filmmaker and former Arts University Bournemouth (AUB) student, working with Silent D Pictures founder, Djonny Chen.

Radi said the event aimed to ‘carve a little section of a celebration of independent cinema’.

Bournemouth Echo: Radi and Djonny Chen.

“We started talking about all of the cool things that we have in Bournemouth, the Mary Shelley legacy, we've got her resting here,” he said.

“We have this opportunity to do a little bit of fringy underground events.

“We can definitely do a genre film festival. And I keep using the word genre because I don't want to ostracize other people that don't necessarily love horror.

“We want to celebrate young filmmakers [on their] first feature film, second feature film, people that are on the trajectory to be the next loud voices in the scene out there.”

Attendees at the festival said it had been a ‘really good’ event.

Bournemouth Echo: Martin Ramsay, Luke Parnell and Richard Adams

Martin Ramsay, Richard Adams and Luke Parnell are part of a band and found out about the festival at another event in Christchurch.

“I just like horror movies and gore,” Martin said.

“It’s been really good, a great set up, it’s a great screen, great people.”

Luke added: “It’s good to get local film fans together really.”

Abe Gallagher and Tonie Ortiz Westerman are AUB students, with Abe finding out about the festival through his film production course tutors.

Tonie said: “I think its so cool, I think it’s cool that they’re pulling together obscure horror film things.”

Bournemouth Echo: Tonie Ortiz Westerman

Radi said he aimed to create an event he would have taken advantage of as a young filmmaker, ensuring attendees could enjoy independent cinema, while also learning from others and expanding their networks.

Talks on the day ranged from film makeup with a live demonstration to legal and insurance advice for filmmakers.

There was also a screenplay competition, with the winner being awarded a production deal through Silent D Pictures.

After a successful first edition, Radi hopes to expand the festival, and to organise other events in the area through the year, such as screenings and Q and As with filmmakers.