CONTROVERSIAL plans for two new drive-through restaurants in Christchurch have been scrapped.

Richard Carr’s company Fortitudo has withdrawn its planning application to build two restaurants in Barrack Road.

It comes as the developer turns its focus to a separate scheme for one drive-through at the site.

As reported, Fortitudo submitted two lots of planning applications to develop the empty land on the ‘advertising corner’ at Jumpers Roundabout on Barrack Road.

One was for a single drive-through restaurant, and the other was for two drive-through restaurants – both with access from Barrack Road and with an exit route onto The Grove.

Now, Fortitudo has completely withdrawn the scheme for the two restaurants.

Bournemouth Echo: Site plan for the proposed single drive-throughSite plan for the proposed single drive-through (Image: Magna Transport Planning)

It is also appealing against a ‘non-determination’ of the application for the single restaurant.

Non-determination is when the local planning authority fails to determine the application within the statutory period.

Fortitudo chief executive Richard Carr told the Daily Echo: “The one drive-through is in appeal for non-determination.

“A decision is imminent; it’ll be in the next month or so I would’ve thought.

“We think that we should be successful at appeal, well we’re hoping we will be.”

Christchurch Town Council has already objected to the appeal on the same grounds it previously objected to the scheme.

Bournemouth Echo: Richard CarrRichard Carr (Image: Daily Echo)

These concerned the traffic and congestion the drive-through could create, its position within a flood zone and its "significant visual impact and relationship to nearby properties”.

Richard said he had decided to “pursue” the one drive-through restaurant because there was an operator ready to fill it.

He added: “We’ve withdrawn the application for two [drive-throughs] because we’re focusing on the one, because we’ve got an operator, and they’re signed up.”

While Richard would not confirm who the occupant was, he said in May last year “it is likely to be Tim Hortons” who “are very keen on the site”.

He also said, “I can confirm it is not McDonald’s.”

Before his plans for a drive-through, Richard Carr had two previous housing schemes for the site rejected by BCP Council.