A DEVELOPER has withdrawn his appeal against refused plans to develop woodland.

Christopher Bulstrode is no longer pursuing his appeal in plans for 16 homes at Jesmond Wood in Highcliffe.

The appeal was said to have “no real prospect of succeeding”.

Mr Bulstrode, who owns the land off Jesmond Avenue, first submitted his development plans in April 2022.

He faced backlash from residents who were desperate to save the ‘sacrosanct woodland’ from homes.

When the scheme was refused by BCP Council in December that year, Mr Bulstrode launched an appeal.

However, he has now withdrawn that appeal.

Bournemouth Echo: Jesmond WoodJesmond Wood (Image: NQ)

Highcliffe and Walkford ward councillor Andy Martin suggested Mr Bulstrode had taken note of the phosphate policy which had been approved by BCP cabinet in October last year.

The policy means that applicants in the River Avon catchment must now show that they have measures in place to deal with phosphates. 

Mr Martin said: “I’m imagining, from Mr Bulstrode’s point of view, that will add significant cost to his plans to build on Jesmond Wood.

“Also, he says there is no realistic prospect of the appeal succeeding.

“People in Highcliffe are very happy about this, as am I. It’s great news for Highcliffe, and for our woodlands and green corridor, but it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the story.

“Mr Bulstrode still owns the land, so it depends on what he wants to do with it. It might be that he comes back at some further date with another planning application.

“I’ll be worried for the future of Jesmond Wood while it’s in Mr Bulstrode’s hands.

“We don’t want any hands on the site. We don’t want to damage the integrity of the woodland.”