CHILDREN are described to ‘flourish’ and ‘rise to high expectations’ in a recent Ofsted inspection at a Bournemouth school.

The Epiphany School, on Shillingstone Drive in Muscliff, have maintained its ‘good’ rating as inspectors praised ‘a strong spirit of teamwork’.

Pupils understand good manners as they greet visitors and hold doors open for others, as well as raise money for charity but singing to older residents in the community.

“Attendance is high as pupils want to go to school,” the report said.

“Staff show genuine care and compassion towards pupils. They create a safe place to learn.

“This gives pupils the confidence to share any worries with adults.”

Older students act as ‘superb role models’ for younger pupils and are proud advocates for the school as team captains and sports ambassadors.

Inspectors found reading to be an ‘absolute priority’ at The Epiphany School, with pupils becoming ‘avid readers’ by the time they leave the school.

“Staff have thoughtfully chosen books to develop pupils’ vocabulary and an appreciation of the world around them.

“For example, pupils in Year 6 build empathy through the books they study about the Second World War.”

Inspectors added: “The drive for excellence is why the school has upgraded the curriculum subject by subject.”

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The report highlighted pupils’ ‘deep understanding of complex concepts’, particularly in history.

“However, the school recognises that its work is at an earlier stage in some subjects, including mathematics.

“As a result, pupils do not have the same depth of knowledge in these subjects as they do in others.”

Head teacher, Vanessa Webster said: “This report reflects our school.

“We are very proud of our community and our wonderful children.

“The report is a testament to the dedication and hard work of our entire school community: children, staff, parents and governors alike.

“The inspection process is thorough; areas of the school were examined focusing on the school’s current provision and performance over time.

“This report summarises the high quality of education and care we provide for our children.”

She added: “The ongoing support from parents has played a crucial role in our success.

“We are committed to maintaining and exceeding these high standards, continually striving for improvement and ensuring that every child at The Epiphany School receives the best possible education.”