RESIDENTS seem largely in agreement that plans to redevelop Barclays House in Poole will bring positive change to the housing market. 

Dozens of residents have been writing to BCP Council to say Vision Capital Real Estate’s proposals to convert the iconic building into 362 flats is a good idea. 

If planning permission is given, the developers hope to create a mixture of 192 one-bedroom suites, 72 one-bedroom apartments and 98 two-bedroom apartments across eight floors. 

Poole resident Marek Merrifield said: “The development's focus on providing accessible and affordable homes will greatly benefit not only individuals like me but also single parents and young people who are struggling to find a place to live.” 

Bournemouth Echo: Sketch of Barclays HouseSketch of Barclays House (Image: ARC Architect)

Adam Clay, meanwhile, added: “Utilising a building that's currently not in use for creating new homes seems like the right approach. 

“It not only addresses the housing needs but also contributes positively to the local area.” 

Rachel Lovel from Poole believes reusing the building would “make sense”. 

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The Poole resident added: “This approach can benefit many people by providing more housing options and reducing the struggle to find a place to live.” 

Christchurch resident Alex Warren added: “The need for affordable housing in our area is undeniable and this development seems like a good way to help those struggling to find homes.” 

Bournemouth Echo: Sketch of rooftop garden Sketch of rooftop garden (Image: L Planning/Vision Capital/ARC Architects)

However, Poole resident Susan Stockwell, a self-described campaigner for better cycling infrastructure, objected. 

She said: “Being marooned on a concrete jungle island so beloved of 1980s developers is totally inappropriate to the needs of a modern housing offering.  

“I would suggest that our planning committee give careful consideration to the public sector equality duty, including the harassment element, in deciding on what it is reasonable for the applicant to fund.”

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The application for Barclays House has not yet been decided.