BOURNEMOUTH was a tourist town, but with the shopping centre in The Square almost non-existent, weather not guaranteed, and no wet weather entertainment except the cinema what is there to attract tourists?

OK, the beach is there but not in winds and rain.

The best people to ask how the tourist trade is these days are the people who are trying to run businesses. If they go down, loss of rates etc and the town is even more derelict.

I remember when Bournemouth was vibrant but one of the things it is well known for now is night clubs, stag parties and hen parties.

If the air show is cancelled that will be another nail in the coffin of the tourist trade.

It does cost to put on the air show but the hotels, taxis, and restaurants do have a chance of increased revenue to keep them solvent.

The BIC was built for conferences but it seems many go elsewhere and we have empty conference halls.

Changing the system to BCP does not seem to have saved much money does it.

It will be interesting to view audited accounts of the BCP?

Let us hope the council members will take a view into the future before they start cancelling tourist attractions.


Tytherley Green, Bournemouth