B&M shoppers have been rushing to their local store after it was revealed an iconic Cadbury’s chocolate bar has returned.

Shoppers were quick to notice the classic Cadbury’s Dream bar has returned to the UK for just £1.99.

The white chocolate bar was first unveiled in the UK in 2002 and was an instant hit with British chocoholics. Unfortunately, it was discontinued shortly after and people have been calling for its return ever since.

The bar is still manufactured in Australia and South Africa which is the reason behind the price hike if you want to get your hands on a bar in the UK.

But now Cadbury’s fans will be delighted to know they get hold of the creamy white chocolate at their local B&M without the need for online shopping.

One shopper who noticed the bars on sale at her local B&M was quick to notify other foodies in the Facebook group ‘Food Finds UK’.

The post quickly gained attention with fellow fans of the classic Cadbury’s bar announcing the will be making a “trip to B&M”.

The Dream Bar is Cabury’s take on Nestle’s Milkybar although is in the shape of the classic dairy milk.