It looks like Cadbury could finally be about to launch one of its most iconic chocolate bars in the UK.

The Birmingham-based chocolatier is about to bring Caramilk bars to Britain, according to reports, much to the delight of chocolate fans.

The iconic Cadbury snack, which is hugely popular in Australia and New Zealand, is set to arrive in the summer.

The sweet caramel snack is not available in UK supermarkets or convenience shops and lovers of the treat have to order their Caramilk online.

Quizzed on whether reports are true by Metro, Cadbury refused to deny the rumours.

Instead, the brand told the publication: "Caramilk is a Cadbury product enjoyed in other countries around the world. At the moment Caramilk is not available in the UK, but it sounds like Cadbury fans wish it was. We will see what we can do!"

Facebook page NewfoodsUK broke the news to chocolate fans saying: “Cadbury’s Caramilk (UK version) will soon be available widely across the UK - so excited to try this version of Caramilk! Coming in the summer.”

Fans of the iconic treat were quick to point out just how much money they will save on ordering their Caramilk bars from the southern hemisphere.

One Facebook user said: “My sisterinlaw who lives in oz sent me 4 bars over for Xmas it’s gorgeous I have ordered 2 off eBay.”

Another wrote: “About time, I can stop paying a fortune from Australia.”

Another asked: “Is it like Caramac?”

“I wondered that, but I wasn’t going to pay £4 a bar to find out,” replied one user.

To which on Facebook user said: “It’s SO much better than Caramac! I was lucky enough to get one as a gift for my birthday and one again for Christmas off my best friend.”

One other person asked: “Wonder if the UK version will be as good? Better than paying £6 a bar though.”

It turns out there is also a Twirl version of the golden caramel chocolate, one fan declared.

“OMG I can’t wait!!! I have been buying this online it’s amazing, they also make a Twirl too.,” on Facebook user wrote.

Cadbury is renowned for its famous Dairy Milk and Bournville chocolate bars with Twirl bars, Wispa and Flake other creations popular in the UK.