WINE can only be bought by the glass and no more than four drinks can be purchased at a time, as the new Rockwater developments have had licences granted.

Both the Sandbanks and Branksome proposed developments, which are yet to receive planning permission, have had premises licences granted by BCP Council.

However, the licences are subject to a host of stringent conditions which have been agreed by Dorset Police.

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Both settings will be allowed to sell alcohol between 11am and 9pm, seven days a week. Staff will also have to remain on site until 10pm to help dispersal and litter collection.

However, customers will only be allowed to buy a maximum of four drinks at a time, and wine can only be sold by the glass.

Spirits can only be sold with a mixer and a first aider will need to be on site whenever the premises are open.

Specifically for the Sandbanks site, the kiosks will not sell alcohol while a temporary bar is in place on the patio of the restaurant and no glassware will be provided by the kiosks.

In Branksome, off sales from the restaurant can not be promoted while the kiosk is open.

Detailing the reasons for the decision regarding the Branksome application, the licensing sub-committee said: “Whilst the sub-committee acknowledged the concerns expressed by residents it was noted that the provision of music had not been applied for on the new licence and it was hoped that this along with the reduction in hours, alongside the conditions agreed with Dorset Police would help to address some of the issues raised by residents.

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“The sub-committee noted the comments made by Mr McCarthy highlighting concerns around customers queueing at the premises, however, assurances were given of the successful queueing system currently in operation at in the Hove premises.

“Space is tight at the new kiosk location, but with the introduction of door supervisors, the applicant acknowledged the need to keep clear the adjacent main pedestrian and emergency access to the beach, and adjacent toilets.”

Regarding the Sandbanks application, the sub-committee said it was satisfied there would be no glassware and staff would clean the premises every day.