A FAMILY-owned independent book shop trading since 1994 and described as “magical” by an author - Westbourne Bookshop is Trader of the Week.

Westbourne Bookshop is a vibrant business home to an extensive collection of books, as well as puzzles, children’s toys, crafts, stationery, and gifts, and anything not on the shelves can usually be hunted down and ordered by staff.

The Poole Road store is owned by Dorset resident Paul Angel and his family, and runs with the help of manager Anara Peach and bookseller Sian Hancock.

Anara and Sian hope to keep the Westbourne community connected through reading. Anara said: “We’re very community focused and we have a lot of really lovely regular customers that absolutely make this shop vibe.”

Bournemouth Echo:

Sian added: “We’d be nothing without our customer base. They come in and they’re so kind, and so passionate and energetic.

“They make it special.”

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As well as keeping Westbourne residents close, the bookshop has also continued to support and promote the work of Dorset authors.

Sian said: “We have good relationships with lots of local authors. We’re like a mutual force for each other.

Bournemouth Echo:

“A local author described it as a ‘magical cavern that invites you in’.”

Famous faces have also appeared in Westbourne Bookshop; in October last year, world-renowned naturalist and conservationist Dame Jane Goodall visited to sign copies of her new book.

After the book signing, Anara said: “It was a privilege to have Jane Goodall visit our bookshop and to experience her gentle air of grace and calm.”

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Westbourne Bookshop have also launched a monthly newsletter, as well as a blog featuring regular book reviews.

Bournemouth Echo:

Now, Anara and Sian are looking for fellow book worms to help contribute to the blog. Sian said: “We have books that are still in the proofing stage. We get given copies so we can promote them when they come out.

“We have some that we’re looking to give out free in exchange for a review.”

To find out how to get involved, email westbournebookshop@gmail.com or visit the Westbourne Bookshop at 65 Poole Rd, Westbourne, Bournemouth BH4 9BA.