A CHRISTCHURCH craftsman producing plastic-free paddleboards ‘built for a lifetime, not a landfill’- Outlaw Industries is Trader of the Week.

Outlaw Industries is a Christchurch based business which creates and sells environmentally friendly paddle boards, built with wooden composites and using traditional building methods.

The wooden boards were introduced during lockdown by boat builder Paul Mayes, who was concerned about the volume of plastic paddle boards he was seeing on the river he grew up on.

His partner Ali said: “During lockdown, I think a lot of people connected with the water in different ways. People started to look at how they could enjoy an outdoors lifestyle.

Bournemouth Echo:

“We’d see so many paddle boards out. It pained Paul that everything was plastic, and everything was a throw away product.

“He decided to take his boat building experience and put that to work to create a paddle craft. He knew it could be super buoyant, very stable and very sleek.

“So, the paddle boards emerged.”

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With the support of Ali, as well as his children, Paul began to research, design and create the boards, resulting in two sleek and stylish designs which have been branded ‘Fat Frank’ and ‘Slim Jim’.

Ali said: “One is wider and easier to use, the other is slimmer and slightly faster. But both can be customised.

“They’re beautiful, and you can have options on woods and material.

“Paul’s currently building one for a customer that splits into two halves so that it can fit in an estate car.”

Bournemouth Echo:

The wooden boards appear to be the first plastic-free models introduced to Dorset, and Paul and Ali are excited to see them reach the water.

“It’s a fairly unique idea- I think there’s only a few around the world.

“Most people think that wooden boats are heavy but there’s new ways of building them that make them lighter.

“It’s a piece of art to look at but functionally in the water, it’s a different ball game. They’re so stable.

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“If you haven’t been on a paddle board before and you’re a bit concerned about falling off, it’s so unlikely compared to any other board because the stability is there.

“You could buy one of these and it will last a lifetime.”

To enquire about the paddle boards, email hello@outlawindustries.co.uk or visit https://outlawindustries.co.uk/