THE UK’s smallest cinema offering a unique screening experience in Bournemouth - The Colosseum Cinema is our Trader of the Week.

The Colosseum Cinema is a multi-functional venue in Westbourne, featuring a bustling bar and three downstairs cinema rooms boasting impressive projection and surround sound, comfy seating and private drink areas.

The space is owned by Paul Whitehouse who reopened its doors last month - two years after it was closed as a result of the pandemic. Now, with the screens switched back on, visitors can enjoy a mix of modern films and old age classics, foreign films and film noir, as well as live sports event screenings, comedy shows and other performances.

Bournemouth Echo:

Discussing what makes the venue so unique, Paul said: “It’s a quirky place.

“We show films that are very rarely shown on a big screen.”

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The Colosseum Cinema has blessed Westbourne for almost 10 years, but Paul initially used the venue as a shop to sell the furniture he was making.

Paul said: “We had a furniture shop and a big area downstairs that we couldn’t really do anything with.

“I saw a programme about a railway carriage in Wales that used to travel from village to village showing films. The whole idea was around the fact that people didn’t want to go into the town centres late at night, but they were happy to go to something local.

“We had the space, so I thought why not try it.

“It took a while to get the planning permission and the licences, but it’s turned out great.”

Bournemouth Echo:

Paul also offers the cinema rooms out for hire, allowing people the exclusivity of a private screen and bar. They can even bring their own films to watch on the big screen, making it the perfect place for birthdays or family parties.

Paul said: “We’ve trying to make it as comfortable as possible.

“It’s a very sociable environment and a fun place, and you don’t get the distractions of people around you on their mobile phones.”

As the UK’s smallest cinema offering a unique and often exclusive experience, The Colosseum Cinema is the perfect place to relax, enjoy a drink and get stuck into a film.

To see the movie’s scheduled for April, or to find out more about private hire, visit or pop into the venue at 14 Westbourne Arcade, Westbourne, Bournemouth, BH4 9AY.