MORE than 60 per cent of people in the BCP Council area aged 40 and over have received a booster or third dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, figures show.

The data reveals 134,629 people across the conurbation (63.3 per cent) have had their third jab or booster.

In the Dorset Council area, 162,532 people have had theirs which is 68.1 per cent of people aged 40 plus.

The figures are based on NHS England data for vaccinations up to December 12 and population figures from the Office for National Statistics.

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These are the best publicly available official estimates.

Elsewhere in England, Stratford-on-Avon has seen the highest take-up with 63,275 residents (80.5 per cent) receiving their third dose or booster.

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Meanwhile, Tower Hamlets has the lowest take-up with 36,964 people (35.3 per cent) getting theirs.

According to the government website, as of 4pm on Thursday, December 16, 306,194 people across the BCP Council area have had their first Covid vaccine with 283,886 having second.

Meanwhile, 152,687 residents have had their booster or third dose.

In the Dorset Council area, 315,238 have had their first dose, 295,826 have had their second and 182,093 have received their third or booster.

The total number of vaccines given across BCP stands at 742,767 and 793,157 in Dorset.

In terms of hospitilisations, in Bournemouth and Poole, 63 people were admitted to University Hospitals Dorset Trust between December 6 and December 12.

A further 10 people were also admitted to Dorset County Hospital in Dorchester in the same week.

The critical care matron at Poole Hospital has asked people who refuse Covid vaccinations to think of others and seek further expert advice.

Eoin Scott said 80 per cent of those receiving intensive care treatment in Poole and Bournemouth had not been jabbed.