A GIN company has opened its first cocktail bar at the Kingland shopping district in the heart of Poole town centre.

Dorset-based Viper Gin will benefit from a unit at the Kingland district with no rent or business rates for two years.

Carl Hankey, owner of Viper Gin, said: “Opening the first ever Viper cocktail bar during a pandemic has been a tumultuous experience, but one that’s been very rewarding.

“To see the support pour in from the people of Poole and receiving positive feedback on our products from locals, is a brilliant feeling.

“This is the first time we have had the opportunity to create a social space for people to enjoy our creations and we’re so excited to see where this journey takes us.”

John Grinnell, centre manager at the Dolphin Centre, added: “After the challenges we’ve faced with restrictions this year, we’re extremely pleased to be welcoming Carl to the KINGLAND family. The bar is already a wonderful success.

“Viper offers such a unique selection of products and wonderful cocktails and has brought a relaxed social vibe to Poole town centre that was much needed.”