WHEN considering making an investment, it’s unlikely that your first thought would be browsing for a ‘classic’ car. 

However, research from Vanarama has revealed that over a decade, the average affordable classic car increases in value by 97 per cent (£14,416).

As part of their analysis, Vanarama analysed 15 affordable classic cars (models that cost less than £15,000) and tracked their value between 2010 and 2020 using data from classic car specialists Hagerty.

This then revealed the top 10 classic cars that can make you a profit whilst sitting in your garage:

Bournemouth Echo:

The best performing of all the models was the stunning Volvo P1800 from 1961, which has risen in value by £21,569 in the last 10 years.

In second place is the 1983 Land Rover Defender 110. Should you purchase this for its average price of £13,697 – you should make a hefty profit of £15,464 in 10 years’ time. 

Perennial favourite the Volkswagen Beetle came in third place, and more than doubled in value by £10,285, while the iconic 1968 Ford Mustang GT followed closely behind with a profit of £9,884.

To highlight the profit potential, Vanarama have also compared classic cars to traditional investments:

  1. Stocks +107 per cent
  2. Classic cars +97 per cent
  3. UK property +50 per cent
  4. Art +49 per cent
  5. Gold +45 per cent 
  6. Average UK savings account +3 per cent


Have you invested in a classic car? Let us know if you have and which make and model in the comments.