ASHLEY Heath’s branch of the RSPCA say they have been “inundated” with potential matches for Toby, an English Bull Terrier who was featured in the Echo over the weekend.

Toby had been waiting 18 months to find his potential match when the article was published and now the RSPCA have confirmed to the Echo have received plenty of enquiries.

The branch is still working through many of the enquiries but were happy to see so many responses.

While it could still take several weeks for Toby to meet any of his potential adopters and ensure that one is the perfect match for his forever home it is encouraging for the centre.

The ten-year-old dog had previously struggled to win over any potential adopters because of his shy nature, so they did not see the real Toby.

When the RSPCA rescued the English Bull Terrier in January 2020 he was underweight and very nervous, with centre believing he had never had a loving home.

It took a few weeks after arrival before he even played with his toys but now he's come to life and loves his belly rubs, ragger games, exploring on walks and cuddling his teddy for a nap.

While at the centre Toby spent a lot of time with the behaviour team to help him and is now said to be ready to continue that work in a loving home environment.

With so many potential adopters getting in touch Toby certainly seems to be a lot closer to finally getting his well-deserved forever home.