PUPILS at 13 schools across the conurbation are self-isolating due to Covid cases and close contacts.

Two whole year groups at Bournemouth School, along with many pupils in a sixth form year, are studying under online learning arrangements.

BCP Council continues to provide updates on schools with confirmed cases and the steps being taken by affected establishments.

Since Monday, June 28, confirmed cases have been reported at the following schools:

  • Canford Heath Infant School
  • Queen's Park Infant Academy
  • The Epiphany School
  • Broadstone Middle School
  • Canford Heath Junior School
  • Corpus Chrisi Catholic Primary School
  • Muscliff Primary School
  • Bournemouth School
  • Highcliffe School
  • Parkfield School
  • Winton Primary School
  • Avonbourne Girls' Academy
  • Springdale First School

In relation to the situation at Bournemouth School, a BCP Council spokesperson said: "Due to the current situation, the decision has been made for all of Years 7, 10 and some of Year 12 to move to online learning to enable close contacts to complete the necessary period of self-isolation, continuing our provision for all and to minimise transmission of the virus.

"Those in other year groups are unaffected."

Meanwhile, for the other 12 schools the local authority said all close contacts of confirmed cases have been identified and are self-isolating.