A DRIVER was caught by police as he climbed on top of his car while it was moving in a car park.

Officers were called to reports of anti-social driving in the Cliffhanger car park in Christchurch on Tuesday.

He was one of a number of young men found in the seafront car park.

A spokesman for Christchurch Police said: "Following reports of anti social driving at the Cliffhanger car park, Christchurch Neighbourhood Policing Team issued a Section 59 to a male who decided it was a good idea to climb on top of his car whilst it was moving.

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"If this male behaves in a similar fashion in the next 12 months his vehicle will be seized by police.

"If you are attending car parks in the evenings please respect local residents and other visitors."

Section 59 orders can be used to stop of seize a vehicle when police suspect it is being used in a careless or anti-social manner.