A MAN who “mowed down” a woman in a car, breaking her tibia and ankle, four days before beating a man with a bottle and a torch has been jailed.

Aiden Goodenough, 29, drove a car into Brooke Spiteri outside the Co-op store in Holdenhurst Road on November 10, 2019.

Four days later, Goodenough then beat Jordan Olive outside an address in Charminster Road, causing him to suffer a laceration to the face, bruising to the skull and a broken finger.

The defendant was found guilty of causing grievous bodily harm with intent for the attack on Ms Spiteri and pleaded guilty to causing GBH to Mr Olive on the basis it was self-defence that went too far.

He appeared at Bournemouth Crown Court for sentencing on Monday having been in custody.

Bournemouth Echo: Aiden GoodenoughAiden Goodenough

Prosecuting, Rupert Russell said: “Ms Spiteri had been out with a group of friends and went to the Co-Op at 4am.

“Whilst she was there, Goodenough turned up in a car, four people were in the car.”

Mr Russell said an argument broke out which resulted in a brawl, which Ms Spiteri broke up, before Goodenough drove away.

Ms Spiteri went back inside the store when the car returned. After an exchange of words, Goodenough drove the vehicle into her, fracturing her tibia and ankle – injuries she is still having operative care for today – before driving away.

Bournemouth Echo:

On November 14, Goodenough was at an address in Charminster Road when Jordan Olive, the brother of Liam Olive who was involved in the first incident, started yelling at the defendant.

The defendant responded, saying he was “going to kill” Mr Olive and “you’re dead”, the court heard.

Mr Olive entered the building with a torch when Goodenough, who had been drinking, came downstairs with a champagne bottle. The pair wrestled outside before Goodenough took the torch, striking him several times before the victim found refuge in a pub.

Mr Olive has since moved away from the area, citing his mental health issues brought on by the attack as the reason.

Mitigating, Edward Elton told the court Goodenough suffered from ADHD which, at the time of the incident, was not being medicated properly, so the defendant drank to self-medicate when the condition got “too intense”.

“The music gets louder, and he has to do something to make it stop,” he said.

He said Goodenough was desperate not to be the same man he was at the time of the incidents and was actively seeking help from the probation service.

However, Judge Brian Forster QC sentenced Goodenough to nine years in prison for the attack on Ms Spiteri, and one year for the incident with Mr Olive, to be served consecutively.

“Ms Spiteri suffered fractures to her tibia and ankle,” Judge Forster QC said. “The surgeons had to stabilise each fracture, a further operation has been necessary to remove a pin.

“It is clear she has been badly affected. Having to use a wheelchair and having her mobility limited.

“When all is said and done, this case involves a serious offence. No-one can use a car as a weapon, you used a car as a weapon when you deliberately drove on to a pavement and into collision with that young woman.

“The second indictment involves an assault upon someone you knew.

“You were involved in a dispute, he brought the trouble to you. You were not going to allow matters to rest. This is a case of self-defence that went too far.

“You had a champagne bottle, you disarmed him of the torch and used each as a weapon to strike Mr Olive.”

As well as being sentenced to ten years in prison, Goodenough was banned from driving for three years.

The grandmother of Ms Spiteri, Christine Seller, said Goodenough needed to “learn his lesson.

She told the Daily Echo: “I don’t care what happens to him, it might make him wake up.

“He needs to learn his lesson and he needs to learn it the hard way.

“This means [Ms Spiteri] can move on, she doesn’t have to worry about bumping into him.”