The easing of the lockdown will begin from March 8 when schools reopen.

Boris Johnson unveiled his ‘roadmap’ out of the lockdown yesterday with measures to be eased in stages over the coming months.

Outdoor sports will be allowed from March 29 with two households or up to six people able to meet outdoors.

Hairdressers, gyms and salons will reopen from April 12 with pubs able to offer outdoor service.

Bournemouth Echo:

Two households will be able to meet indoors from May 17 with hotels, hostels and bed and breakfasts also set to reopen. Large events such as sport, theatre and concerts will also take place.

Then on June 21, it is hoped restrictions on social contact will be removed and nightclubs can reopen. 

We invited readers on the Bournemouth Echo Facebook page to give us their views on the plan to move us out of the measures we’ve been living under since January 5.

Here’s what they said. You can share your thoughts in the comments.

1. It sounds like an excellent plan, well thought out and actually sounds feasible.

2. I think the slower the better to ensure this pandemic ends, those who can't wait are just impatient, if we let everyone run riot too early we will still be in pandemic this time next year!

3. Can't wait!! Lockdown has given me a great appreciation for things we have always taken for granted! Roll on car shows!

4. It'll take as long as it needs to, I just want to see my friends face to face, don't get me wrong the sooner the better but I'd rather wait to see them than lose them by things being rushed.

5. At least it is giving a hope that we won’t be in lockdown forever....

6. So I can’t see my family but my son can see 30 different kids from 30 different families. Not right.

7. Too slow, pubs should be opening earlier they are much safer than supermarkets.

8. I’m thrilled! Sounds realistic and about the right pace.

9. It’s great that we’ve got dates to look forward to now; great that we can start to plan some socialising / restaurant visits again, albeit over the course of the next few weeks. When we couldn’t even make any plans it was somewhat demoralising but, hey, there’s definitely light at the end of the tunnel. Yes, I would have preferred the key dates to have been earlier but have to accept that they are probably sensibly spaced. Pleased for the businesses that now have something to work towards.

10. Far too slow. Projections based on flawed science and more terrible ‘models’. The ‘carrot’ of ending restrictions mid-June is there to keep you sweet. It won’t happen. How long will people continue to accept this nonsense?

11. Five week gap..... yet two weeks are Easter hols, data won't really be very accurate if for 2 of the weeks the kids aren't at school. Should have left it till after Easter and more people vaccinated. Especially teachers. We are about to put them back in the firing line with no protection. Pretty much what our government did to our soldiers, no gear and no idea.

12. I am feeling very anxious. Three kids at two different schools in huge bubbles. My young Daughter has Cystic Fibrosis and my husband has heart problems. My husband is vulnerable but has still not been vaccinated. I think they should wait till after Easter. I also don't understand why they aren't staggering the schools going back. Promises of the end have been made before, if our NHS is under strain again will there be a lockdown four!?

13. All teachers and teaching assistants need a CoVID jab before returning in two weeks.