Messages of praise have been flooding in for teachers and schools from families across Dorset thanking them for all of their support during the pandemic. 

Teachers and educational staff have worked tirelessly to adapt and overcome the challenges and pressures of the pandemic whilst minimising the impact of lockdown on children's learning is one of their main priorities.

Earlier in the week we asked families on the Bournemouth Daily Echo Facebook page if they had any schools or teachers they wanted to thank for their support during the pandemic. 

We were inundated with messages for the wonderful work of school staff with people commenting that every staff member was worthy of praise for all they have managed to achieve in such difficult circumstances. 

If you want to share a message about your child's school, then you can still give it a mention in the comments here, or under the story on the Bournemouth Daily Echo Facebook page.

Here's what parents have said about schools across Dorset: 

Mudeford Infants School

Sally Johnson: “ All the staff have been so amazing this year but Mr Daniel Pope the head teacher has literally gone over and beyond any expectations.”

Vanessa Pine: “Mudeford Infants school! Headteacher Mr Pope has been amazing. So upbeat and enthusiastic and kept everyone well informed. Over Christmas he went out everyday to different locations dressed as an elf with a shelf - so funny!”

Satty Smith: “Mudeford Juniors School - what an amazing school and teaching and support staff - doing more and beyond engaging with parents and children in these difficult times. Keeping spirits high, constantly engaging with all, motivating all, and doing everything they can. So so proud of this school - so lucky to have two children here, you are  all amazing so thank you.”

Chelsea Martin: “Mudeford Infants School - especially Mr Pope... The daily videos kept us smiling when there wasn't much else to smile about. I've never known a school so caring and supportive - all of the staff are amazing.” 

Lauren Muston: “Mudeford Infants School has been superb.”

Elm Academy

Bournemouth Echo: Teachers' strike: thousands of pupils miss out on classes across Bournemouth, Poole and Dorset in day of action

Elm Academy had lots of happy parents sending in praise for the school.

Sally White: “Every staff member at every school needs a shout out but especially to those at Elm Academy where my daughter is a TA but has stepped up to teach her own year 6 bubble of key worker kids throughout the lockdowns this last year.”

Mollie-Anne Collins: “Miss Dyer from Elm Academy has expressed great praise for everything my son, Anthony has achieved. It’s been wonderful watching him grow and Miss Dyer has fully supported us to maintain all learning.”

Mollie-Anne Collins: “Mrs T Brennan from Elm Academy has been extremely supportive of my daughter Elizabeth. It’s been quite a roller coaster in my household but Mrs Brennan has constantly given reassurance and praise to everything we have done.”

Gemma Minnie: “ Elm Academy Mrs Curtis and all the staff have really been incredible. My daughter has been learning from home and they have been so supportive checking in on her and myself seeing how we are getting on with work and our mental health offering praise and confirming we are doing our best and our best is pretty good. Always an email away if needed and so encouraging even on a bad day.”

Hill View Primary School 

Ruth Goodall: “I imagine that they all have but Hill Wiew have been amazing through all of this! Especially my sons teachers who have been helping him catch up.”

Poole Grammar School

Louise Butcher: “Mr Powell at Poole Grammar - makes well-being calls even through the holidays, nights and weekends. Really takes the time to listen and support all his students. An all round brilliant teacher and human being.”

Poole High School

Leanne Hurley: “Poole High has been amazing with my 17 year old. Miss Kettle at Magna Academy has been so supportive of my 14 year old. Miss Trollope and Mrs Leddin at Livingstone Road Junior School have been fabulous at adapting the Google classroom learning to support my 9 year old who has autism and various other issues. I can't thank them enough.”

Tracey Kaya: “Poole high school, especially Mr. Guetling head of year 11 who  personally went out of his way to deliver a laptop to my son!”

Helen Hubbard: “Poole High has been absolutely amazing! Full timetable still running, with live lessons all day every day! I feel extremely confident that my daughter isn't missing out on her education too much. Communication has been exceptional, calls every week and questions answered so quickly. Kids are kept engaged with praise points and being acknowledged for their achievements regularly. So impressed!”

Gary Wooding: “Poole High School. Amazing!”

King's Park Academy

Bournemouth Echo:

King's Park Academy - Google Maps

Julia Johns: “Kings Park Academy have been brilliant! Both for the distance learning and for key worker children. My son has experienced both and he’s currently at school as a key worker child. They’ve made the days fun and have looked after the children so well ensuring bubbles are observed and things such as hand washing are maintained. Thank you KPA!”

Sarah Holmes:  “Kings Park has worked hard to retain a sense of community.”

Elicia Stopford Proctor: “King's Park Academy has been great! Big shout out to Mrs Dean! Miss Heckford and Mrs Russell. Mrs Heathman. And all the teachers for putting in endless hours of work into the YouTube videos.”

St Peter’s Secondary School 

Liz Bangoura: “Have to say Mr Doyle and ALL the staff at St. Peter’s secondary in Bournemouth have been amazing! They have kept us informed all the way through and have kept our children educated!! They deserve a massive shout out!! Thank you!”

Anna Faulkner: “St Peter's have been absolutely fantastic especially the sixth form with their support when there has been so much uncertainty, couldn't have wished for better teachers or leadership

I think all the teachers across the country deserve a massive thank you.”

Belinda Borg: “Baden Powell and St Peters. Absolutely incredible teachers and the Head is so wonderful, she is kind and supportive and you can tell she’s the same with her staff as they too go above and beyond. They have been awesome, up beat, no complaints and keeping things as normal as possible in really tricky times.”

The Swanage School

Amanda Rowley: “The Swanage School not only have done a fantastic job of supporting the students with online learning & regular phone calls home, they have looked after the children of key workers and also cooked and delivered 1000’s of home made meals to the vulnerable in our community.”

Swanage Primary School

Bournemouth Echo:

Swanage Primary School - Google Maps

Laura Burden: “Swanage primary school has been first class since the very first lock down. The teachers have been a constant source of support, from delivering free school meals, weekly face to face (via zoom) contact with the whole class and a range of very interesting work covering all subjects. This is all on top of teaching students who are still attending school, and managing to create links and videos for their school communication systems so students know what is expected and how to go about it.

“Mr Godfrey and Ms Etherington, the whole team actually have done a great job making sure anyone who is struggling gets the help they need ( including parents!) and they have focused on the wellbeing of the children overall. I couldn’t have wished for any better! Very proud of what they have managed to achieve during this difficult time.”

Val Burden: “Swanage primary school. Mr Godfrey and the staff have been absolutely amazing.”

Magna Academy

Celia Rennie: “Magna Academy have presented fantastic 'high standard 'online Google classroom learning classes for my son and their 'live Google Meet zoom' sessions have also brought together some 'well being' for all the pupils to see each other. All the teachers have been amazing..Well Done Magna Academy.”

St Mary's Catholic Combined School 

Andrea Johnson: “St Mary's Catholic Combined School for keeping school working both on site and google classroom home learning. Weekly class zoom meetings, teachers encouragement through daily challenges, stars of the week awards and teacher phone calls to support everyone.”

St James’ Primary Academy

Jardine Perkins: “St. James' Primary Academy have been absolutely brilliant throughout both lockdowns. The combination of physical school and virtual school has been very impressive. I'm sure all schools are pretty amazing but St James is our community and we love it.”

Christchurch Junior School

Bournemouth Echo:

Christchurch Junior School - Google Maps

Chelsie Cee: “Christchurch Junior School have been brilliant, they completely changed their approach for this second shutdown of schools and prepared for it, providing an excellent online teaching experience for the kids and also asking for feedback and keeping us updated consistently. Great job.”

Bryony Louise: “Our experience is with Christchurch Junior School and Twynham School - both of which have been amazing. Thanks to everyone involved!”

Nicki Wakeling: “Christchurch Juniors have been brilliant. The teachers have given live lessons in the morning, have supported the pupils superbly and communication has been fantastic.”

Kinson Academy

Tracey Christie: “Kinson Academy have been amazing, the support and care for the vulnerable pupils in class and all the children at home, home schooling has been incredible can't fault them at all, couldn’t recommend them enough.”

St Aldhelm's Academy 

Vicki Hawkins: “St Aldhelm's a=Academy have been fantastic for my older two children and have supported me with any concerns that I have had . The school has a very caring attitude. It is not purely about education they are a great support to many families.”

Twynham School: 

Yanina Saunders: “Twynham School have worked phenomenally hard to ensure that school work can carry on at home & at school for key children. The support that has been given to all is first class. They have remained positive despite the difficulties and have been honest about what can be achieved. Their staff are all amazing. We parents are proud to be a part of this outstanding school!”

Kerry Hesketh: “Can’t thank the teachers enough at Twynham School. Outstanding in every aspect. Even have revision workshops for GCSE’s in the half term.”

Winton Academy

Bournemouth Echo:

Winton Academy - Google Maps

Catherine Gray: “Winton Academy and St Lukes in Winton. Both schools have gone above and beyond for both my boys and the rest of the school. The staff have shown patience and determination through these unprecedented times! Thank you!”

Suzanne Excell: “Winton Academy the teachers are beyond outstanding. So proud of my boys’ teachers' commitment, patience and enthusiasm to carry on as a new normal. The live lessons each day really show how passionate and caring they all are to each child as individuals. Cannot praise them all enough. Mr Patrick Thorne, Mr Charlie May, Mr Cabales-Navalon, Ms Tucker and Mr Pottle. Well done team!”

Winton Primary School

Estela Da Silva: “Winton Primary school always deserves a shout out as always have been amazing specially now teachers are beyond outstanding. So proud and grateful of all of you for your commitment, patience and enthusiasm to carry on beyond everything to give our children the best.

"A special mention to Mr Hassan 6SH .. He came from another world! Honestly the live lessons each day, his positive greeting messages each day , his interaction with the children really show how passionate and caring he is to each child . I cannot praise him enough.”

Marta Silva: “Winton primary school is always amazing but in these uncertain times has gone beyond. Especially Mr Hassan in y6, struggling with the last year in primary and with nearly teenagers. Strict but the most caring teacher,always there for everything they need in and out of the class”

Manorside Academy

Becci Doggrell: “I think all teachers are working really hard at the moment!

Manorside Academy has been fab for us, even hand delivering books and other things to the door!”

Beaucroft School

Carol Cutts: “Beaucroft School have been fantastic the teachers have gone above and beyond from remote learning to asking each child on call how they are taking time to have a chat with them and always there to have a chat with the parents they are always there if we need to talk.” 

Montacute School

Helen Cross: “Montacute School all the staff have been amazing by helping my son find ways to get through this and helping me and making sure we are both ok. A Big thank you to you all!”

Burton Church of England Primary School

Darren O'Donoghue: “Burton C of E primary school the staff have gone above and beyond trying to make the children feel at ease especially Mrs K and her team delivering a hot chocolate and biscuit to every child and calling it a hug in a mug. Zoom calls with the whole class so they get to speak with their teachers and friends. Well done Burton Primary School.”

Tregonwell Academy

Bethany Sweeney: “Tregonwell Academy who have remained fully open throughout every lockdown and every challenge; faced with more than the average amount…

“The resilience of their team has been exceptional and required a great understanding of a large and vast number of needs so that each young person has some positives and stability at this time. No easy task for any school but none more so than the cohort they work with. It would be remiss not to mention them here.”

Somerford Primary School

Sophie Lewis: “Somerford primary school have been phenomenal throughout this lockdown! Communication with my daughter has been second to none! Mrs Frampton, the head teacher, has been great at recording regular assemblies and messages for the children. Mr Wallace, one of my daughter’s teachers, has been very supportive with helping the children and parents navigate our way around Microsoft teams and other resources used.

"Also a special shout out to my daughters other class teacher, Mrs McCarthy ... She has shown resilience and strength and has really tried to support the children despite the difficulties with not having a chance to get to know them.

"Well done Somerford Primary!”

Talbot Primary School

Bournemouth Echo:

Talbot Primary School - Google Maps 

Natasha Baker: “Year one teacher Miss Mardle. My six year old daughter has really struggled during lockdown. She struggled on the 1st lockdown but this time has been worse and she hasn't coped with being locked at home all day. Her teacher has gone above and beyond for her. My daughter wouldn't do the work set without getting extremely upset. She sent me a pdf file with all the work she knew my daughter would love and set her her own little project to complete. Focusing on her preferred way of learning. The upset stopped and she was asking to do work, which was a massive relief. It really showed me that she'd got to know my child.”

Talbot Heath School

Vikki Coates: “I know I feel incredibly privileged to work with a whole host of unbelievably dedicated teachers at Talbot Heath School. Who have worked providing online and zoom lessons through both lockdowns, with many additional hours to change schemes of work and make remote friendly resources with minimal time frames from the government.”

Avonwood Primary School

Jenna Durham: “Avonwood primary school. Each and every one of the staff members have gone above and beyond. They've made everything feel so much more possible for everyone homeschooling. All the staff are amazing but Mr Jackson the head teacher deserves a medal he has made sure everything runs as smoothly as possible and just has so much understanding.”

Rachel Bukin: “Mr Jackson and his colleagues at Avonwood primary! They've offered a full day's learning and 4 hours of live Teams every single day! Absolutely fantastic. They've well and truly gone above and beyond! I feel super lucky that my boys are part of such an amazing school.”

Maryann Read: “Avonwood has been exceptional, the head Mr Jackson is just a superstar and all the teachers working to teach classes at home and in school just amazes me, Well done to all.”

Lou Fern: “Catering staff at Avonbourne have been painting the school!”

Emma Wood: “Avonwood. My son has had 3 hours face to face learning with his incredible teacher Mrs Jones, every day! I don’t feel like his education has suffered at all.”

Samantha Humby Frost: “I would like to give Avonwood Primary school a huge shout out! Mr Jackson and his entire team have done an amazing job of not only teaching key worker children in school but they have also been live teaching the rest of the school as well for both morning and afternoon sessions!”

Vicki Cheeseright: “Another vote for Avonwood Primary. Online teaching has been fantastic, the teachers' patience never-ending and the fact it was all up and ready to go is down to the organisation from Mr J who laid the foundations last September. This has made the transition to home/online learning as painless as possible all round and ensured the children don't miss out.”

Ferndown First School

Jen Rowe: “Ferndown First School Such an amazing school. The staff have gone above and beyond to make all children feel safe and nurtured throughout the pandemic. A special shout out to the Year two staff.”

Old Town Infant School and Nursery

Bournemouth Echo:

Old Town Infant School and Nursery - Google Maps

Martine Whittle: “Old Town Infant School and Nursery in Poole. Everyone has worked hard to keep children and staff safe and keeping in touch with all the virtual learners.”

Stourfield Juniors School 

Flossie Anna Ponchaud: “Stourfield Juniors School have also been absolutely outstanding with key worker children, homeschooling and community support to all children and parents, all staff at this school are absolutely fantastic as I am sure at all schools throughout this difficult time.”

Muscliff Primary School

Hannah Dixon: “Muscliff Primary School incredible effort on all the teachers, regular weekly calls to see how parents are getting on, regular one2one video calls with children to talk and reassure. Couldn't have been better.”

Michelle Brown: “All at Muscliff Primary School! Amazing support as always! All staff work tirelessly keeping everything going for children attending school at home and on the school site.”

Sixpenny Handley First School

Rosie Hansford: “Mrs Musselwhite and staff at Sixpenny Handley First School They all have been amazing and so helpful in this challenging experience, They all try to help and Mr Read on his advice for home shopping delivery...... Also been amazing with the help with school work etc. Would like to say a big thank you.”

St Catherine’s Primary School

Sarah Cooper: “St Catherine’s Primary School in Colehill. They have supported both children and parents educationally and emotionally. They have made phone calls home to the children and the teachers have hand delivered to each child a work pack to support their learning. They have been amazing, despite being told the school will close at the end of the academic yea.”

Lockyer’s Middle School

Tammy Flower Fowler: “The teachers have worked relentlessly throughout, putting in even more hours than the insane amount they do normally. I'm so proud and grateful to be part of such a wonderful school community.”

Corfe Hills School

Bournemouth Echo:

Corfe Hills School - Google Maps

Louise Loader: “Corfe Hills have been fantastic. I have two sons but one in particular is GCSE year and considered high risk so has been shielding throughout the school have been amazing both in helping him continue his GCSEs during lockdown and also from home when not lockdown. Lockdown learning over ms teams has been fab for my year nine  too.”

New Milton Junior’s School: 

Sam Williams: “They have been absolutely amazing during all lockdowns … They really have some of the most amazing staff and have totally gone above and beyond. Nothing is ever too much trouble. Really is an absolutely amazing school that I'm proud my children have been able to be a part of.”

Bourne Academy

Jon Morris: “Bourne Academy teachers and support staff carrying out daily COVID testing of themselves and the children of key workers as well as continuing normal academic activity as much as is possible under the current regulations.”

Ringwood School

Jess Heyworth: “Ringwood School and all the staff there have been absolutely incredible, now and always. We cannot commend them enough for all their efforts.”

Longfleet Primary School

Cheryl Louise Foster: “Longfleet primary school.Staff,volunteers and parents just go above and beyond to help.Fantastic with how they have coped with everything2

Cheselbourne Village School

Bournemouth Echo:

Cheselbourne Primary in Dorchester - Google Maps

Verity Husher: “Cheselbourne Village School. All the staff have been amazing. Even sending out hot chocolate, marshmallows and biscuits for a bedtime story zoom session for the whole school. They have kept things interesting for all the children, and managed to keep a routine in place.”

Livingstone Road Primary and Junior

Leanne Hurley: “ Miss Trollope and Mrs Leddin at Livingstone Road Junior School have been fabulous at adapting the Google classroom learning to support my 9 year old who has autism and various other issues. I can't thank them enough.”

Jodie Carpenter:  “Mrs drinkwater at Livingstone Road Primary, she's not even my son's regular teacher but has been on the phone every single time my son or myself have been struggling, taking her time to talk through anything we are having issues with. Amazing support, amazing teacher.”

Twin Sails Infant School and Nursery:

Natalie Jury: “Twin sails Infant school and Nursery all teachers have been amazing but a big shout out to the reception children as my little boy has loved his lessons each day.”

Three Legged Cross First and Nursery

Annie Saxby: “Three Legged Cross First and Nursery amazing school, lots of interaction for children on zoom and amazing for kids who have to attend school..teachers have gone above and beyond to help keep things for our children as normal and as fun as possible.”

Heatherlands Primary School

Bournemouth Echo:

Heatherlands - Google Maps

Natalie Feeney: “Heatherlands 100 per-cent.  Mr Churchill the head is a legend!”

Annie Mitchelmore: “Heatherlands Primary School Parent Group has been great this lockdown! Very organised and helpful!”

Vivienne Balson: “Heatherlands Primary School for keeping school work available and the lovely Valentine fairies.”

Kirsty Sarah Beach: “They have gone above and beyond for all the children and done their very best throughout the whole pandemic. It shows they care very much for the children and miss them just as much as the children miss them! 

“Amazingly fabulous and a dedicated team of teachers that are so positive, empowering and engaging. Thank you Heatherlands especially big thank yous to Mr Churchill, Miss Lynam and Miss Plumb.”

Amy Campbell Read: “Heatherlands Primary School...Mr Churchill is a legend of a Head and his team are awesome! Can't say enough good stuff about them...just super grateful my children can be apart of the Heatherlands family.”

Jane Lockhart: “Heatherlands Primary School in Parkstone are always amazing and have been incredible. They have provided excellent home learning and the teachers are all so positive which really helps. They even sent out little hand delivered notes before half term. Thank you Heatherlands.”

Rainey Evans: “Heatherlands Primary School - Far too much to write about what they have done this last year. They have gone so far above and beyond, it would put Buzz Lightyear to shame. The support I have received has been incredible, don't get me started on Miss Sheldon's support and sending my children extra help and the most beautiful and kindly worded cards that meant the world to my children. Outstanding school, teachers and Mr Churchill. You should all feel proud.”

Bella Boo: “Heatherlands primary school are awesome! As well as continuing to provide a safe space for the children who need to go in, they have ensured that every single home-schooler feels involved and included every day. As well as providing the curriculum as required, they are also sensitive to the realistic struggles which each family finds themselves in. On Valentine’s Day, they delivered a ‘fairy message’ and chocolate bar to the home of each child learning from home.

“They are supportive of parents as well as the kids and rely on the strength of us as a community to work through this together. Mr Churchill and his incredible team deserve a huge shout out!”

Rachel Shields: “Heatherlands Primary School has been amazing . My husband and I are both key workers and we are very grateful for them being at school and giving our son the best they can in these difficult times.”

Michelle Rachel: “Heatherlands primary school delivered all children a Valentine’s card and chocolate.”

Abbotswood Primary School

Amy Pidgley: “Abbotswood Primary School has supported both children and parents educationally and emotionally. They have made phone calls home to the children and the teachers have hand delivered to each child a work pack to support their learning. They have been amazing, big shout out to Mr Perkins year 3.”

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