A POLICE investigation has been launched after an AFC Bournemouth footballer received racially aggravated messages on social media.

The Dorset Police football unit confirmed it had received a report in relation to activity on Saturday, January 2.

A spokesperson for the force told the Daily Echo that this report was initially received as a third-party report the following day.

Posting on Twitter, an officer from the Dorset Police football unit said: "We have received a report that a player from AFC Bournemouth received racially aggravated malicious communications on social media on Saturday, January 2, 2021.

"An investigation is underway and we are carrying out a number of enquiries into the report.

"No arrests have been made at this time. We will continue to liaise with AFC Bournemouth throughout our investigation."

As reported, Junior Stanislas was subjected to racial slurs on Twitter after netting the winner in Cherries's 1-0 victory at Stoke City on January 2.

The account responsible for the messages has been permanently suspended by Twitter.

Explaining how he first saw the remarks, the 31-year-old midfielder told Sky Sports: "At the start, the high of getting the three points because we were coming off the back of the defeat and we needed it, so as you can imagine everyone was buzzing in the dressing room.

"I got on the coach, was on the coach for a little while, and then I've seen the message, so it's obviously from a high to a low very quickly.

"Initially, to be honest, I didn't really feel anything, which I guess is sad, because we've seen it all too much now, it's becoming a regular thing.

"Although for me personally it's my first sort of online abuse, I've had it numerous occasions growing up, so I wouldn't say numb to it, it's just becoming all too familiar really. It's only when I sat back, analysed it and spoke with some of the lads - it's obviously disgusting.

"I couldn't believe it really."

Cherries released a statement on January 3 in which chief executive Neill Blake described as “disgusting” and “intolerable” the racial abuse.

Mr Blake told the club website: “It is both disgusting and completely intolerable that anyone could be subjected to the racial abuse that Junior has received.

“I am astounded that people believe writing and posting these comments is acceptable.

“We will be contacting Twitter and the Football Association for their help in identifying the individual concerned, and will pursue the strongest possible action against them.”