A BOSCOMBE man secured a coronavirus test at the Creekmoor site for his daughter by “hacking the system”.

David Nock, 40, wanted to book a test after his seven-year-old daughter was showing symptoms but the government site was showing no availability for Creekmoor.

To find available tests, Mr Nock changed his postcode and booked a test elsewhere.

However, health secretary Matt hancock condemned the use of the 'hack', urging people not to "game the system".

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Mr Nock told the Daily Echo: “We were struggling for days to get through the government system, it is designed to fail you have to go through all these different processes.

“We put in a postcode for Glasgow and went through the process. They had appointments all day.

“I got the confirmation through e-mail, the key is getting the QR code.

“I went through without any problems,” he continued.

“The QR code is nationally registered and they scanned that.

“I reached out with this because I know there are frontline workers not getting tests.

“We were the only people there, nobody is getting through the system.

“There was about 100 staff there, it feels like a theatre show to be honest.

“The guys were well rehearsed, presumably because they have been sat not doing a lot.”

Mr Nock added: “I wanted my daughter tested and back to school, I wanted her educated.”

His daughter's test was negative.

Speaking in the House of Commons, health secretary Matt Hancock said: "It’s incumbent on all of us to take a responsible approach on its constituents that tests are available in large number and that the average distance travelled is 5.8 miles and that people should take this seriously and not game the system."

A department of health and social care spokesperson said: “NHS Test and Trace is working and our capacity is the highest it has ever been but we are seeing a significant demand for tests including from people who do not have symptoms and are not otherwise eligible.

“New booking slots and home testing kits are made available daily for those who need them and we are targeting testing capacity at the areas that need it most, including those where there is an outbreak, and prioritising at-risk groups.

“Our laboratories are processing more than a million tests a week and we recently announced new facilities and technology to process results even faster.

“If you do not have symptoms and are not eligible to get a test you can continue to protect yourself if you wash your hands, wear a face covering and follow social distancing rules.”