HEALTH secretary Matt Hancock has condemned the use of the coronavirus testing “hack”, saying people should not “game the system”.

As reported, people had been ‘playing the system’ to get a coronavirus test by putting in a different postcode to find availability.

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However, Mr Hancock urged people to “take this seriously”.

At the House of Commons, Munira Wilson, the MP for Twickenham, asked him: "Like many others, I've been inundated with emails from doctors, teachers, parents all unable to access the tests they desperately need.

"However, a number of them have also been advised if they put an Aberdeen postcode into the system they can get a test in Twickenham, and they have succeeded.

"Could the secretary of state please tell me how a world-beating test and trace system is functioning in this way and what is he doing to fix it?

"In the meantime, does he recommend I tell the constituents to game the system in this way?"

The health secretary replied: “No Mr Speaker, in fact, it’s incumbent on all of us to take a responsible approach on its constituents that tests are available in large number and that the average distance travelled is 5.8 miles and that people should take this seriously and not game the system."