I WRITE to congratulate South Western Railway on the Sunflower Lanyard Scheme they have introduced to support people living with invisible disabilities which was featured in a recent Echo article.

Having staff in place to provide additional support and assistance to those who require it will benefit many travelling across the network. However, what about making every station accessible to all and not continuing to have a situation like we do in Pokesdown where 42 steep steps separate the entrance to the station and the platforms and therefore precludes many in our local community from using it? How can this be right in 2020?

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I’m sure if you speak to South Western Railway they will tell you that the project to install lifts at Pokesdown Station is well in hand. The fact is under the current franchise this work should have been completed by December 31, 2019. This on the back of a community campaign which started in 2011 and included a petition signed by over 2,000 people which was subsequently handed in person to a minister within the Department for Transport.

There are rumours that a meeting is to take place very soon to discuss this project but when exactly and why are ward councillors not invited? I’ve got plenty I would like to say. The words, “Get on with it and deliver what you promised” would be amongst them! Local people and indeed those who would wish to travel to this area and enjoy all that it has to offer deserve nothing less.


Boscombe East and Pokesdown Ward

Stour Way, Bournemouth