REGARDING A Burden’s letter about cyclists on the prom, I am a regular cyclist who uses the prom frequently, and completely agree with his suggestion cycling is banned.

I often have to stop and allow children to cross from their hut to the beach and am surprised no one is injured, as usually when I stop someone speeds by me, weaving in and out like a maniac. We also have the added excitement of electric scooters which only seem to have one speed, fast.

He is right that no one speaks to the speed merchants, who normally have music playing, because an abusive reply is the norm, and policing is nonexistent.

Promenade means for the enjoyment of walking and that is now impossible between September to June. Even July/August has its dangers, although in theory cycling is banned though not strictly enforced.

I am afraid A Burton is right and although I will miss my enjoyment of the prom, for the safety of young and old, the council should take notice of many people’s concerns and ban it.


Howeth Road, Bournemouth