YOUR correspondent R Hitchcott (Cyclists must know the Highway Code 29/11) calls, in effect, for compulsory testing of cyclists and presumably then licensing. How ludicrous!

What he has failed to do is to understand why we have a Highway Code in the first place – it is to protect us from the danger posed by motor vehicles. In countries with a very high rate of cycling and walking, the two modes intermingle with very little consequence. Indeed, I can't remember the last time the Echo ran a story of someone being even slightly injured (let alone seriously or god forbid killed) by a bicycle.

In these days of reduced police numbers, lawlessness on the roads has increased dramatically. Speeding, drunk and drug driving, parking on pedestrian crossings are frequent occurrences. We need to focus police action on the misdemeanours that actually result in danger and injury – not direct it towards pedantry over a virtually harmless mode of travel.

A casual search of recent Echo stories shows several involving Porsche cars including one being caught at 155 mph! Perhaps Mr Hitchcott should turn his attention to his own club members before lecturing others?


Cowper Road, Bournemouth