THE minister for road safety has declined to explain, in a Freedom of Information Request we made, how road safety is adequately served by cyclists having no need to have knowledge of the Highway Code.

The government simply asserts that they "take road safety very seriously" and have no plans to require cyclists to learn the Highway Code.

In Bournemouth, cyclists are so used to doing whatever they like under the current police commissioner, that they can become quite aggressive when the law is pointed out to them, as they cycle without lights, or harass pedestrians by cycling on pavements or speeding along the promenade .

They are further encouraged in such lawlessness by anarchic authorities poking fun of Jeremy Clarkson – in posters along Wallisdown Road – who unlike so-called road safety groups, bemoaned cyclists' lack of knowledge of the Highway Code.


Secretary, Southern Porsche Club

Lowther Road, Bournemouth