IN early October the Echo reported that the BCP council were intending to increase the cost of emptying my garden waste bin to £46, which will be the same as Christchurch and Poole residents.

I don't have a problem with the three areas having the same price, but I do have an issue with the fact that the bins in Bournemouth are a lot smaller (140 litre) compared to Christchurch and Poole who have 240 litre size bins.

I asked my local councillor Stephen Bartlett to confirm that if I purchased a 240 litre bin it would be collected with no problem.

He replied that they would not collect 240 litre bins in Bournemouth and at the same time said that though he and a further 13 councillors 'called in' the original cabinet decision because they believed it was unfair to Bournemouth residents, the Chief Legal Officer replied that the 'call in' had failed.

I then wrote to my local MP, Conor Burns, explaining my disgust and asking for his help.

He wrote to Larry Austin, Director of Environment.

Mr Austin replied that the cost of bins in Christchurch and Poole equated to 0.19p per litre and that if people in Bournemouth took up the offer of three bins for £80 the three bin (420 litre total) price was also 0.19p - the same as Christchurch and Poole.

The problem being that residents in Bournemouth have to spend an extra £34 to be equal.

Work that one out if you can.


Alderley Road, Bournemouth