ALTHOUGH Lighthouse Poole is known as a major venue for concerts and stage shows, what’s not so well known is that it also houses the only independent cinema in Poole.

Many of the films and documentaries shown at Lighthouse are not always available elsewhere.

Here Anne-Marie Dames, a Bournemouth University film graduate who is currently based at the venue, picks her top seven films not to miss this autumn.

1. Photograph (Friday, August 30 – Thursday, September 5) As part of the variety of foreign language films, this season brings us Photograph an Indian coming-of-age romantic drama about a street photographer who wants to fulfil his grandmother’s wish to see him married. All foreign language films have English subtitles and come from a variety of countries to showcase everything that world cinema has to offer.

2. Apocalypse Now: Final Cut (Saturday, August 31) Screening as part of the 40th anniversary since it’s first release, the film has been remastered in 4K Ultra HD and is being screened across the world once more for film lovers and those who have never seen it to enjoy. Our classic reissue series brings some of the best loved films back to our intimate cinema for all generations to enjoy.

3. Margaret Atwood Live (Tuesday, September 10) With the release of Margaret Atwood’s, The Testaments, the highly anticipated sequel to The Handmaid’s Tale, National Theatre bring this momentous literary event to the big screen. See Atwood in Conversation as well as hear exclusive readings of her new book by special guests. For literature buffs and the television series fans alike, this is an event that should not be missed.

4. NT Live: Fleabag (Thursday, September 12 and Wednesday, November 20) Phoebe Waller-Bridge is one of the biggest female forces of the year from being the brains behind Fleabag and Killing Eve. For one last time she performs her play that inspired the hit TV show, Fleabag, a rip-roaring look at some sort of woman living her sort of life. As tickets have sold out to the real thing, the only way to see this one-woman show is through National Theatre Live.

5. Hail Satan (Tuesday, September 17) Why not try a different genre all together and look at some of the latest and greatest documentaries coming out this year? On Tuesday evening’s we have our Pic Doc series and one of the next screenings presents Hail Satan, an insight into the intersection of religion and activism through The Satanic Temple. In this documentary, The Temple calls for a satanic revolution but is it all real?

6. Inna De Yard (Saturday , September 21 to Tuesday, September 24) Another part of our documentary series this season is Inna De Yard, a celebration of the music genre that is the soul of Jamaica. A group of reggae legends come together to record an album that will join the younger and older generations by going back to their roots.

As the only independent cinema in Poole, our documentary screenings are the only ones available in the area. There is a wide variety of topics to learn about through the medium of film so why not start now?

7. Anything Goes (Wednesday, September 25) Our monthly dementia screenings continue with the 1956 classic, Anything Goes starring Bing Crosby and Donald O’Connor.

These screenings are open to everyone although we’d like to offer an extra warm welcome to those people affected by dementia, their partners and family members, as well as the people who care for them.

To make it safe space, we turn the house lights on low and the volume is put down a touch so you can safely move around or leave the cinema freely during the film. As well as this you can enjoy a complimentary hot drink and biscuit before the film.