ON the subject of global warming, it seems our leaders of all parties are as usual, too close to the forest to see the trees.

Climate change is one of the most pressing problems we face today and animal farming is responsible for a major proportion of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Methane, which has the potential to warm the earth 23 times quicker than carbon dioxide (C02), is produced during the digestive processes of sheep, cows and other ruminants and is released from their untreated manure.

Nitrous oxide is also generated in large quantities by animal farming and is estimated to have nearly 300 times the global warming potential of C02.

Regarding the global water crisis: the meat and dairy industries are among the biggest contributors to global water scarcity.

Farmed animals require large quantities of drinking water and huge volumes are used to grow the crops that are fed to them.

It takes 1,000 litres of water to grow one kilogram of wheat, but a staggering 15,000 litres to produce the same quantity of beef and more than 1,000 litres are needed for a cow to produce just one litre of milk.

On land availability: large areas of natural forest are currently being destroyed to grow feed and provide grazing for farmed animals.

70% of existing agricultural land in industrialised countries is also devoted to growing food for animals. In fact, farmed animals are fed as much as half the world’s harvest.

Isn’t it time to realise that there are other, far healthier diets that require just one fifth of the land needed for a typical European omnivorous diet staring us in the face out there, that we can enjoy and prosper from?


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