THERE has recently been much comment about the problem of sand on the promenade. The sand blows onto the promenade and makes it difficult or impossible for wheelchairs, mobility scooters and bicycles to use the promenade.

The response of the local council appears to be that they are doing their best but do not have the resources to keep on top of the problem. I see people trying to clear the sand with brushes, wheelbarrows and JCBs which laboriously push the sand onto the promenade, reverse, and push more sand.

Surely there is a better solution. In a heavy snowstorm the snow ploughs clear the major roads and motorways overnight. Surely there is a parallel here.

I could envisage a modified snowplough, perhaps with added revolving brushes and a strong air jet which could clear a wide path along the promenade with the speed of snow clearance. And with the new unitary local government one machine could clear the promenade from Southbourne to Shore Road in a couple of hours. I could also envisage a device which could be propelled by a tractor and retaining a local farmer to carry out the work when required. No council staff would be required.

Such a device may or may not be available. If it is not available why not commission such a device and sell it to other local authorities who may have the same problem?


Canford Cliffs Road, Poole