REGARDING 'Brexit in Focus' (Saturday March 2nd 2019), Will Frampton's main argument for 'Leave' focuses on the supposed lack of democratic legitimacy of EU institutions.

In contrast, the UK EU referendum was, he says, "a vote backed by poorer and less educated people, whose only power is at the ballot box."

Whilst there may be a case for constitutional reform at an EU level, there is most definitely a need for it in the UK.

Unlike the European Parliament, which is elected on a proportional basis, this country is hamstrung by the absurdly anachronistic 'First Past the Post' voting system, a system that effectively denies a voice to millions.

It is a well-known fact that Bournemouth Borough Council's current political representation is vastly exaggerated, with the governing party having taken c97% of the council seats with only 50% of the vote at the last election.

Ironically, UKIP - who support a change in the voting system to Proportional Representation - receive much fairer representation in the European Parliament than they do here at home.

It is almost certain that the feelings of powerlessness brought on by the disastrous inadequacies of our own voting system contributed to the vote to leave the EU.


Throop Road, Bournemouth