GIVEN the entrenched refusal of the EU to offer us a fair withdrawal agreement, No Deal is clearly the only option left to implement Brexit in accordance with the expressed wishes of the British people in the 2016 referendum.

It will prove of limitless benefit to the vast majority in ensuring inter alia a) a saving of £39 billion otherwise payable to the EU on leaving, b) much cheaper food and other vital commodities through the ability to import these from outside the tariff ridden EU, c) no more uncontrolled mass migration from EU countries, d) freedom from the repressive dictates of the EU Court of Justice and e) an end to rampant exploitation of our fishing stocks by French and Spanish trawlers in particular.

Yes, truck drivers like Tony Penning (Letter, Echo, January 24) may well in the short term have to cope with more delays and paper work at border crossings, but this is no argument for denying the rest of us the incalculable advantage of a clean break with the EU.

As for Martin Cooper, his letter (also Echo, January 24) reveals not just a deplorable ignorance of how well Britain has fared economically (unemployment down to record levels, exports thriving, a flood of new trading opportunities popping up worldwide etc.) since the referendum but also, in rejecting outright its result as not being a ‘mandate’ to proceed with Brexit, signifies a complete and utter disrespect for the most elementary principles of democracy.


Julyan Avenue, Poole