I READ with interest the correspondence from Cllr Mike Greene in the Echo with regard to our local roads being full to capacity- plain and simple (Echo, Jan 16).

He says there is no room to build more or to add lanes to those we already have, except by buying up and flattening hundreds of houses, something, which he says, is never going to happen.

So, he says the only way of coping with our rapidly growing population is to convince a significant proportion of car drivers - the council's aim is 5% - that it will be quicker, more convenient and potentially cheaper to use alternative methods.

I believe the best public transport for a lot of journeys within town is probably the bus.

But if councils want the public to use buses more, then they must subsidise them to the point of being free for all to use.

Doing this would speed up using the bus, as it would simply be a hop-on hop-off service.

This would reduce the number of cars on the road by probably more than the 5% that Cllr Mike Greene has stated is the objective.

It would be much cheaper than building lots of cycleways which all councils seem to favour now.


Harkwood Drive, Hamworthy