MANY are blaming us online shoppers for bringing our high street shops to a close.

Well during Christmas I required three items that I considered would be online late deliveries or even lost over the busy period.

I wanted 'one cycle rain-cape', 'One pair of thermal or large tog leggings' and a latest brilliant DVD called 'I, Daniel Blake' to add to my top collection.

So I set off to town and could not find any of them. So I went to my local supermarket. Nothing to be seen.

For the cycle cape, in which I felt sure so secure, I went to a well-known cycle store and was told "all sold out".

At least two of those items should have been in stock everywhere due to our now winter weather.

So in the end I waited until after the Christmas rush and ordered all three online. I am now pleased to say that I have them all.

So don't blame us online shoppers for the high street decline as the fault lies solely on local shops just not keeping up with demand.


Wellington Road, Bournemouth